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1/4/2018 - Winter and Spring 2018 Dates

Winter 2018: Tomorrow is the last day to add/drop a winter 2018 course. Please review the winter academic dates and financial dates if you are registered for the winter course.

Spring 2018 Important Dates:
January 22, 2018: Non-degree registration begins
January 28, 2018: Last day to cancel spring 2018 registration
January 29, 2018: First day of spring 2018 (beginning of late registration)
February 9, 2018: Last day to add a course or drop a course without a grade of “W” on transcript
February 15, 2018: Last day to apply for spring 2018 graduation
April 9, 2018: Last day to withdraw from individual courses with a grade of “W” on transcript
May 15, 2018: Last day to withdraw from UMBC from all courses for spring semester (must be submitted via myUMBC Help request)

Spring 2018 Registration: If you want to take a spring 2018 course, be sure to request authorization and register through your myUMBC account. (Authorization only does not reserve a seat in a course. Online registration instructions: A copy of the spring 2018 advising and registration instructions can be found here,, under 10/17/2017.

Spring 2018 Diploma Requests: Students completing the requirement for their Master’s degree or certificate diploma in the spring 2018 semester must submit their online graduation application by February 15, 2018. Information and links are found here,

Spring 2018 Quick Links: Things you should look through before the start of the semester.
Billing Information (Student Business Services):
Payment Information (Student Business Services):
Spring 2018 Financial Dates:
Portfolio Requirement:
New Student Welcome:
Tuition Remission Deadlines for UMBC Employees:

12/12/2017 - Fall Evaluations, Winter Authorizations, Spring Notes

Course Evaluations:
Those enrolled in a fall 2017 course please complete your course evaluations. Today, December 12th is the last day to have them submitted. You may access your course evaluation from your Blackboard account. Additional information about evaluations may be found here,

Fall 2017:
Today, December 12, 2018 is the last day for a complete semester withdraw from all fall 2017 courses, (Must be completed through myUMBC Help Request)

Final grades for fall 2017 are not due until Wednesday, January 3, 2018. Transcripts are scheduled to be updated with grades on Wednesday, January 10, 2018. The grading schedule may be found here: You can access your grades through your myUMBC account

Winter 2018: There is still time to register for the winter 2018 course EDUC 689: Managing your Career. If you would like authorization please contact Renee at

Spring 2018:
Textbooks for spring 2018 have been posted on our website:

Payment Plan information for spring 2018 may be found here:

Billing: The Student Business Services (SBS) office handles billing and payments electronically. Find additional information, including the billing schedule here,

Spring 2018 graduation/diploma applications are open. If you are finishing your plan of study in May, be sure to apply. (

Thank you.


11/14/2017 - Last Day to Drop Individual Fall 2017 Course

Today, November 14, 2017, is the last day to drop an individual fall 2017 course with a grade of “W” (

Winter and spring 2018 registration is underway. If you are looking to register for the winter 2018 course, please let me know. Spring 2018 authorization and registration instructions were sent out on October 17, 2017, and may be found here:

Billing: UMBC bills students electronically. Additional information, including a billing schedule, may be found here,

Payments: The Student Business Services office handles billing and payments. Information may be found here,

Drop and Withdrawal (Fall, Winter, and Spring):

10/25/2017 - Registration, Application, and Withdraw Reminders

Winter 2018 registration is open. If you would like to register for the winter 2018 elective EDUC 689 Advance Special Topics: Managing Your Career, be sure to include that on your advising form to Dr. Hodell.

Spring 2018

·       Enrollment Applications for spring 2018 are due December 1st. If you are a certificate student who wants to continue into the Masters or a non-degree student who wants to continue into a certificate, please contact me before completing an application.

·       Spring registration begins next week. Send your advising forms to Dr. Hodell for approval.

·       Payment Plan registration for spring 2018 begins November 1st

Fall 2017:

·       The last day to withdraw from an individual fall 2017 course with a grade of “W” is November 14th (Be aware of any financial and academic implications before withdrawing from a course).

·       If you applied for a certificate diploma for fall 2017, the diploma charge should have been placed on your bill within the past two weeks. Do not delay in paying it or you may receive a late payment fee.

10/17/2017 - Spring 2018 Advising and Registration Instructions

Pre-Advising Instructions:
Courses by Semester: Look for tentative long-range schedule options, There have been some changes since fall make sure to review.
Course Descriptions and Prerequisites:
Advising Form and Process: Be sure your form is completely filled out.
Applying for Graduation, Comprehensive Exam Dates and Portfolio Information: The spring online graduation applications opens December 1st
Holds: Make sure you do not have any holds on your account. A hold will prevent you from registering.
E-Billing Schedule:

Spring 2018 Academic Calendar:
Spring 2018 Drop/Withdrawal Schedule: (Spring 2018 is not posted as of 10.11.2017)

Spring 2018 Registration Instructions
Review the Spring 2018 Schedule Prior to Sending Authorization Requests. (Multiple semesters may be listed, make sure you are viewing the correct semester).

  1. Advising: All students must contact Dr. Hodell,, to receive academic advising, every semester. Advising request forms must be sent by email. Please allow Dr. Hodell 7 - 10 days to review and approve your course selections. Be sure to send your finalized form only. (See link above for advising form and instructions).
  2. Authorization: After Dr. Hodell approves your course selection, your authorization will be entered into the registration system.
  3. Online Registration: After students are authorized, they may register online via myUMBC according to the dates below. Authorization does not guarantee a seat in a course. Students must register online and are advised to do so as soon as possible. Instructions for how to register online may be found here:

Registration Schedule:
October 30, 2017: Registration begins for Current Masters and Certificate Students.
December 1, 2017: Registration begins for New Masters and New Certificate Students.
January 22, 2018: Registration begins for Non-Degree Students

Wait List: ISD courses automatically have the Student Administration (SA) System hold any wait lists. The ISD department cannot prioritize the wait list, nor can we override the wait list.

Authorization Information and Notes:
The ISD Department will enter all approved authorizations for students. This will result in some courses having more authorizations issued than available seats in a course. We will also continue to give authorization to courses that are full.

Students interested in EDUC 792T and EDUC 794 should contact Dr. Williams directly at prior to requesting authorization to discuss their internship or final project. You must include in your email to Dr. Hodell that you have spoken to Dr. Williams before Dr. Hodell will approve.

Textbooks are currently only posted for fall courses.

9/19/2017 - Winter 2018 Course

There will be an elective course offered during the 2018 winter session for students in the Master’s program. The course is EDUC 689: Advance Special Topics in Education: Managing Your Career. Winter Registration begins October 23, 2017. You must receive authorization to register. (

This is a three credit graduate level course that may be used as an elective for the ISD Training Systems Master’s degree. The main objective of the course is to prepare students to advance their career goals. The course description may be found here,

The course will be taught online and have individual coaching and career advising sessions with students using the phone, webcamsSkype, Blackboard, and more. It is scheduled as a winter session course, which is normally, only three to four weeks long. However, students may have an incomplete grade assigned to them at the end of the winter session and may extend their work and assignments beyond January. When students finish their assignments, they will have a final grade submitted. (Academic deadlines and financial deadlines still follow UMBC’s schedule,

Follow this link to view the video on YouTube for more course information,

Winter 2018 Dates:

Registration Begins:  October 23, 2017

Session Dates:  January 2 – January 26, 2018
Last Day of Schedule Adjustment Period:  January 5, 2018
Winter 2018 Academic Calendar/Important Dates:

Winter 2018 Financial Dates:

9/1/2017 - Fall 2017 Dates

We hope your fall 2017 semester started well.

Be sure to review the fall 2017 academic calendar for important dates and deadlines, 
September 13, 2017: Last  day to register, add, or drop without a a grade of "W" for fall 2017 (review refund schedule)
September 15, 2017: Last day to apply for fall 2017 graduation
November 14, 2017: Last day to Withdraw from an individual course with a grade of "W"
December 12, 2017: Last day of the semester

You should also review the fall 2017 Drop/Withdrawal information here,

Online graduation applications, for fall 2017, are due September 15, 2017. For information and links go here:

UMBC will be closed on Monday, September 4, 2017.

Our program is committed to your success. Please let us know if you have any questions.


8/18/2017 - Last Day of Summer; Fall

Today is the Last Day of the Summer 2017 Session! Remember to complete the summer course evaluations today. (Grades are not due until August 22nd and should be available on transcripts on August 24th).

Fall 2017 begins in a week and a half on August 30, 2017. Read the information below to make sure you are ready.

Advising and Registration: If you have not received authorization or registered for a fall 2017 course, you should do so now. A late registration fee will be charged if you register, August 30, 2017, or later. (See and

Textbooks and Materials: Find out what textbooks and materials you need for each course this fall:

E-Billing Information and Schedule: Tuition billing is completed by the Student Business Services (SBS) Office and is electronic. The e-billing schedule is based on when you register. Find additional information about e-billing on the SBS website here, (Be sure to check out the fall 2017 drop/withdrawal refund schedule:

Fall 2017 Graduation/Diploma Applications: If you are finishing your Masters or certificate plan of study this fall 2017 semester your online graduation application is due September 15, 2017. For information and links go here:

Blackboard Help and Instructions: All courses should be opened for access on the first day of the semester. If you are checking for your Blackboard course section before August 30th and do not see it listed, this means that the course has not been opened by the instructor. Check back on the first day of the semester. If you need assistance with Blackboard, review the Frequently Asked Questions here,

Fall 2017 Academic Calendar: Be aware of important Dates Now!
August 29, 2017: Last Day to Cancel Fall 2017 Registration and last day to add a fall 2017 course without a late fee
August 30, 2017: First Day of the Fall 2017 Semester (Late registration begins)
September 13, 2017: Last  day to register, add, or drop without a a grade of "W" for fall 2017
September 15, 2017: Last day to apply for fall 2017 graduation
November 14, 2017: Last day to Withdraw from an individual course with a grade of "W"
December 12, 2017: Last day of the semester

Academic Integrity Web-Based Tutorial: This is required for new masters and certificate graduate students. You will have to self-enroll for the tutorial through Blackboard. The deadline to complete the tutorial is Friday, September 15, 2017.

7/17/2017 - Last Day to Drop Summer; Fall Payment Plan

Last Day to Drop an individual 12-week summer course is July 27th!
Summer academic calendar:

The Fall 2017 semester begins in 6 weeks on August 30, 2017.

Payment Plan: You must enroll by July 19th for the four installment option. Additional information about the payment plan may be found on the Student Business Services (SBS) website:

E-Billing: Tuition Billing is handled electronically by the SBS office, and is based when you register for courses. View the E-Billing Schedule here, Find additional information about billing and payments on the SBS website.

Textbooks and Materials for fall 2017 are listed here,

Graduation Applications are online and open for those finishing their plan of study at the end of the fall 2017 semester (December 2017). For additional information and links visit:
Portfolio Requirement: Those admitted into the ISD Master’s program fall 2012 and on will need to complete the portfolio requirement. Final portfolios must be submitted by November 1st for fall Masters graduates,
Comprehensive Exam: If you were admitted into the ISD Master’s program prior to fall 2012 you will need to complete the comprehensive exam in your final semester. Complete the comprehensive exam application prior to the last day to register for courses (

6/30/2017 - Summer and Fall Reminders Campus Closed

The UMBC campus is closed Monday, July 3rd and Tuesday, July 4th.

The last day to drop an individual 12-week summer 2017 course is July 27th. The full summer 2017 academic calendar is here,

Fall graduation/diploma applications will open online July 1st. Additional information and links are located found here,

Register for fall 2017 courses: Some fall 2017 courses are near capacity. Do not delay in submitting your advising form for fall 2017 courses. If you received authorization and have not registered online, you could miss being in your preferred course. Authorization does not guarantee students a space in the course. The fall schedule is located here, Advising instructions are found here,

Academic Integrity Tutorial: This is required for all new Master’s and certificate students (summer and fall admits). You must take and pass the tutorial with a score of 80% or above. The Graduate School has not posted the fall 2017 tutorial to date. They will send an email to students when the tutorial is open for completion. Do not complete a past semester’s tutorial; the Graduate School cannot check the results. When you do complete the tutorial, you are advised to print your results,

New student orientation: We will be having our fall orientation online on August 23, 2017; at 7 p.m. Orientation is not required but recommended for new ISD students. New students (and students who were not able to attend a previous orientation) may register to attend here.

Tuition Bills: The Student Business Services Office handles tuition billing electronically. Learn more about e-billing and view the e-billing schedule here, You may also find information about their payment plan on the Student Business Services website,

6/13/2017 - Summer Graduation and Google Group

Summer 2017 Graduation/Diploma applications are due June 15, 2017. If you are finishing your plan of study in August, you must complete the online application for Graduation by the 15th. Additional information and links may be found here,
Summer Academic Dates
Fall 2017 Registration: Fall 2017 registration instructions were sent March 23, 2017. Find a copy here,
Tuition, Billing, Payment Plan, and Drop/Withdrawal fee information is available on the Student Business Service’s website:
Enrollment Application Deadline: If you are a non-degree who wants to apply for a certificate or Masters, or if you are a certificate student that wants to apply for the Master’s degree the fall 2017 application deadline is August 1st. (
New Google Group: While the old ISD Current Student listserve will be discontinued on June 20th, everyone was moved to a new ISD Current Student google group. We will be using this new group the same way we use the current list, for email distribution. Only the list owners (Dr. Williams and myself) can view subscribed users' email addresses and post.
You may view emails sent to the group here, and change your settings.
This will be our primary means of communication with current students. I will remove students after they have graduated (or discontinued their plan of study). If you accidentally remove yourself from the group you will have to contact us to place you back on. (We will not get notifications when individuals remove themselves). As a current student, you are responsible for any information that is sent to the group.
Please contact me with any questions.
(This email will be resent tomorrow to the old ISD current student list serve to ensure everyone was transferred properly)

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